Spa treatments in a glass?

cocktail imageWhen it comes to alcohol, cocktails are in a class all of their own. Tony establishments usually come with a signature cocktail as well as a cocktail menu, a good cocktail maker is known as a mixologist and most people know that James Bond likes his martini “shaken, not stirred.” Cocktail history buffs can visit The Museum of the American Cocktail in (where else?) New Orleans and learn about theManhattan, the Moscow Mule and the Mai Tai. And for a mere $22 a drink, one can now “drink” their spa treatment being offered up at fashionable club in (where else?) New York. The claim is that the “Teddy Bear”, for example, with strawberry, cucumber, lime and a shot of vodka, will work on your clogged pores, while Raspberry Pepper Heat with tequila will help “diminish fine lines”. For me, I’m with the sceptical dermatologist quoted in the article who suggests that restraint at the bar is better for your skin than sucking back alcohol with your antioxidants.

Alcohol and its relationship to cancer

This recent piece of news talks about a study that attributes a considerable number of cancers to alcohol consumption, both current and former. Should alcohol bottles be labelled with specific warnings about cancer risks?

Wallet Atrophy Syndrome

Cleveland.  For whatever reason, we ended up in Cleveland, watching the Cleveland Browns play football.  And we had some beers while we watched the game.  I am not sure whether it was the excitement or what, but my bladder seemed to have shrunk that day.

I was up and down during the game, into busy washrooms off the concourse.  And I began to realize that this drinking thing (even just a couple of beers) was ruining my capacity to enjoy the game.  Now, football live and in-person is a much more fluid game (no pun intended) than it might appear on television, and I missed a good chunk of the first half – not to mention that Cleveland is a great town for sports enthusiasm – so I was missing out on the action and the excitement.   I spent more time looking at the wall behind the urinal than I did looking at the field, at least for the 2nd quarter.

Add in that I spent nine dollars American (cheaper these days than it has been) on each of these two beers, I felt pretty foolish.  I was spending a lot of money to miss what I had spent a lot of money to see.

If alcohol is linked to so many chronic diseases (and it is) I think it’s safe to say that the condition known as wallet atrophy syndrome can be added to the list.

Binge Drinking-Tell Us Your thoughts…

Driving to a meeting in Barrie yesterday, I tuned into CBC’s, Ontario Today with Rita Celli and heard this interesting  debate around binge drinking.  There was some really interesting discussion from whether or not kids should be introduced to drinking alcohol by their parents to stories about people that did binge drink and their experiences.              Check it out at  and tell us what you think.

The link between alcohol and health

Alcohol and Chronic DiseaseWe hear a lot of news about the health benefits of alcohol. But how much do we actually need to drink to reap those benefits? And when does the amount of alcohol we drink change the relationship to health from one that is positive to one that is negative? Here’s a really quick primer on:

the links between alcohol and chronic disease

the low-risk drinking guidelines