Wallet Atrophy Syndrome

Cleveland.  For whatever reason, we ended up in Cleveland, watching the Cleveland Browns play football.  And we had some beers while we watched the game.  I am not sure whether it was the excitement or what, but my bladder seemed to have shrunk that day.

I was up and down during the game, into busy washrooms off the concourse.  And I began to realize that this drinking thing (even just a couple of beers) was ruining my capacity to enjoy the game.  Now, football live and in-person is a much more fluid game (no pun intended) than it might appear on television, and I missed a good chunk of the first half – not to mention that Cleveland is a great town for sports enthusiasm – so I was missing out on the action and the excitement.   I spent more time looking at the wall behind the urinal than I did looking at the field, at least for the 2nd quarter.

Add in that I spent nine dollars American (cheaper these days than it has been) on each of these two beers, I felt pretty foolish.  I was spending a lot of money to miss what I had spent a lot of money to see.

If alcohol is linked to so many chronic diseases (and it is) I think it’s safe to say that the condition known as wallet atrophy syndrome can be added to the list.