challenge accepted

Do you think this game is easy?  It’s not easy.

For certain, as soon as you attempt to deprive yourself of anything – more accurately, anything pleasurable…then you begin to CRAVE that thing.

This January, we challenge you to challenge others!

After all, if you are going to do the Ready to be Thirsty challenge – and ‘go dry’ this January, then you are going to crave alcohol.  It’s true. You’re going to suffer (a little, a lot) as you miss its buzz, its social lubrication, its relaxation, its means as an escape…whatever it does for you…

So you may as well challenge your friends to endure all that craving with you. Don’t suffer alone!  At the same time, your friends and family and you will rediscover other things while you engage in the drying-out effort. It will be like climbing a small mountain as a team, and not letting each other quit…and regardless of how it goes, you’ll ponder and feel proud of the effort.


And! You will find something in that dry desert, and it will look at lot like you and them.  Taking the challenge will bind you together in solidarity and commiseration, in laughter and activity, in the bonds of shared human experience.  I am no oracle, but I am not kidding, either.  It works.

So challenge others.  Challenge yourself.  Do it together.

Share, survive, endure, enjoy.  


Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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