The Bounds of Plausibility…


Recently, an advertisement for beer was pulled off the airwaves.  In the ad, a clutch of skiers are enticed to go off the beaten path (the main runs on the hill) by alcohol advertisers, who are pulling off a marketing stunt.

Diverging from established runs is known in the ski world as ‘going out of bounds‘.  A risky proposition, as search-and-rescue teams would have trouble finding/aiding a hurt or lost skier if they were in the unknown wilds of a mountain range.   Plus, off of established runs, the chances of a mishap are higher.

The risk the skiers take within the beer ad is of course, rewarded by the ‘discovery’ of a hidden helicopter.  The chopper promptly loads them in, and brings them to an incredible vista where they have a spectacular experience.  The leap in logic is that this particular brand of beer leads to excitement.   An amazing adventure is just a sip away!

Let’s recall a few themes from beer ad campaigns:

  • hidden bars deep inside glaciers and mountains, where amazing parties are happening right now!
  • becoming a  moving part in a life-sized video game
  • secret research institutes creating clever products to help evade hard work
  • sexy, scantily-clad persons of the opposite sex who LOVE beer drinkers
  • incredible tales of survival across breathtaking landscapes
  • instantly available beautiful beaches, materializing from the first swig
  • the funniest, most absurd, most clever situations ever
  • raucous, insanely exciting sports events
  • beers that make you wise, desirable, intelligent, or cooler than a cucumber

Maybe it’s just me, but the farther I work down this list, the more preposterous it becomes.  It’s beer, folks.  Extreme athletes, karate masters, elite mountain climbers and robot scientists probably drink a lot less of it than the rest of us…


Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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