From Shadow, into Lightness


Why go booze free this February ?

  • Lose weight (alcohol is like drinking liquid sugar)
  • Save money (booze costs big bucks)
  • Gain some energy (a metabolism and hydration thing!)
  • Lose the fat off your liver
  • Sleep better (alcohol gets you to sleep, but it doesn’t keep you asleep)
  • Enliven your mind, invoke your spirit

I think that last one means the most.   For sure, there are articles out there, talking about the resounding and amazing health benefits.

Since these sober months are becoming pretty popular elsewhere in the world – there are many articles written about their virtues.   Some focus on the sense of accomplishment.  Some focus on survival.

But what about what you learn about yourself?  I didn’t realize this was an outcome until I did the challenge last year (and perhaps I am particularly sensitive about matters of the spirit these days).  Maybe it’s because when you have to stave off a craving, it’s a test of character.

Perhaps you love alcohol so much it’s absurd to think you’d give it up for a month on purpose.  But then, maybe it goes deeper…deep, deep down in those parts you don’t look at very often:

  • ‘It’s what I need to get by’ (or is it?)
  • ‘It’s such a joyful thing in my life’ (or is it?)
  • ‘It’s half the fun at curling night, or after pick-up hockey…'(or is it?)

Those ideas are exactly why you should try to get Thirsty.

A sober month can be a mirror to your soul, a look into the shadowy corners.  You might be scared to look there.  But it could also be a joyful explosion, a shining light, a revelation, an epiphany.

You won’t know unless you try.

Photo by manfred majer via Flickr, Creative Commons.  No changes.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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