Norm !!!

Local BoozeI’ll have a beer, Woody

Isn’t it a little early, Mr. Peterson?

Okay.  Float a corn flake in it



Are you a fan of a drinking establishment?  Do you frequent a local winery or downtown suds maker?  Maybe you’re one of the usual suspects.

As it happens, I was pretty well known at a little pub in Midland, for about three years.   I found that being a ‘regular’ gave me certain unspoken privileges.  Nothing all that special, mind you.  No free booze or free food.  Just connections with the bar staff – they’d save me a table, or make me food after the kitchen was closed.  One time I even went back in the kitchen and cooked my own chicken wings.

Really, a sense of being known, was what I got – plus a bit of infamy for my wit (rather, my rattling mouth), and my penchant for going over the top in the social sense.

When I admit to this period in my life when I was perhaps akin to Norm from the old TV show Cheers, I don’t know whether to smile or frown – it wasn’t my proudest time.  Often I went to the pub out of loneliness, instead of a desire for amusement.

Where everybody knew my name, so to speak.

If that’s where you’re at – we’ve got a challenge for you.  A chance to change your habitual ways.

Ready to be Thirsty is an opportunity to go booze-free for 29 days, this February, 2016.

Whether you succeed or fail isn’t as important as the attempt, and you’ll get to share your journey as part of our Facebook community.

Come to our Facebook host site.  ‘Like’ us.  Make the attempt.  Share and learn.  Everybody will know your name for your sense of liberation, instead of your desire for libations.

Photo by Seth Anderson, Flickr, via the Creative Commons license, no changes

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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