Moving in Mysterious Ways

ZZZWhat is it about booze that we love so much?

And do we really, genuinely love it?

The taste?  The feeling?  The inebriation?   The escape?

And if we do love alcohol, what kind of relationship do we have with it?  A passionate, whirlwind love affair?  A long-term, meaningful commitment? A heated, emotionally-charged connection, ripe with arguments and apologies, break-ups and make-ups?

Alcohol typically magnifies emotion, so I am guessing you have some feelings about it, any which way.

Does alcohol make you… stop thinking?  Dance?  Flirt?  Get mischievous? Get physical?

Does it let you forget or force you to remember?

Does it make you courageous or simply make you stupid?

Does it drown the pain, or heighten the ecstasy?

Does it make you drowsy, or does it open your mouth to say bad things?

Or perhaps it makes you think you’re downright hilarious...

Find out what booze really means to you by taking our Ready to be Thirsty challenge this February.  By going dry for 29 days, you’ll learn all about your habits, your triggers, your cravings and more.  You’ll get to share your journey, whether it be glorious or shameful, desperate or dignified.

Try it.  Share it.  Be part of it.


Photo by Keoni Cabral, Flickr, via Creative Commons license, no changes.


Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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