Dry times indeed !

readytobe_01There’s this trend out there, pushing temporary sobriety.

But sobriety is an ugly, unpleasant word.  I am not sure why, but we use that word to imply a fierce acuity of perception, so sharp as to be undesirable.

Or, we use it to imply consciousness of a hard, cold truth.

‘It was a sobering experience’

So instead, sobriety has been re-marketed and re-branded.  Now we call it, mostly, going Dry.   Sounds much more pleasant.   And the timing is good, because let’s face it – many of us overindulge around Christmas and New Year’s.  The brand new year is a great time to reinvent oneself.

In the United Kingdom, Dry January is a month-long campaign to encourage persons to give up drinking for 31 days.  There are many other similar efforts – such as  Dryuary from the USA or Dryathon, also from the UK.

In exchange for their  efforts, participants in these campaigns gain benefits:

There are many testimonials out there, singing the benefits of these types of journeys.  What’s more, just about all of them have Facebook host sites where persons can share, commiserate, garner inspiration and be amused.

We’ll encourage you to take a look.  And in case you miss participating in January – we’ve got our own ‘dry month’ for residents of Simcoe and Muskoka– coming in February, called Ready to be Thirsty.

More to come!!

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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