Hitting the Booze Delivery Button

n-THIRSTIE-APP-largeIn having an eye for interesting alcohol-related topics, we discovered a marketing company called Thirstie [Twitter] via an article by CTV News and then another in Huff Post.

It was of high interest to us, at first glance anyway, because our alcohol webpages for the public are collectively known as Thirst.

Heck, in today’s corporate and consumer world, you might say our alcohol awareness campaign is semi-‘branded’ as Thirst…though we aren’t selling anything except insight and dialogue…but still this struck close to our hacienda.

So we investigated!

Turns out Thirstie [web] isn’t a blog, or the semi-disguised, semi- articulate arm of a Public Health Agency.   Instead they are the arm of an App/Software company from the USA.  Thirstie is essentially an App to facilitate the on-demand delivery of alcohol.

Back in the day, you had to phone for a bootleg.  If you knew who to call, a shady character would arrive with booze and looking for cash – old school.  When the Beer Store was closed on Sundays, this was a real black market business.

Now, you can phone for a legal delivery.  In Barrie for example, you can ring up Dial-a-Bottle or Call a Beer and someone will go on a hooch run on your behalf, for a fee.  They’ll bring it to your doorstep.

Now, in the same way that Uber has changed the transportation business in Toronto with a high-powered App – perhaps we are about to see the same happen with alcohol delivery. Simply enter the desired bottles into your smart phone, and see them delivered.

In the same vein as other App-driven or online efforts, this requires collaboration in the industry for it to work.  This is because Thirstie doesn’t produce alcohol…it just delivers it.  But in league with partners – it also helps purchase, market, promote, expose, normalize, glorify, and endear alcohol to its customers.  That’s the troublesome part.

When you’re offering alcohol at the touch of a button, you need customers ready to drink, looking for convenience, and readily aware of where that button is, and how it works.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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