Who’s Responsibly Responsible?

Social responsibility.  [Please] Drink responsibly.    There’s a lot of drinking going on, and a lot of angling for ownership over who’s doing it in the most responsible way.   It’s happening the world over.

Looking out there almost at random, here’s one from Papua, New Guinea:

drink respons

Their article from the Port Moresby General Hospital Admin staff is spouting much of the same advice that any provincial health agency might:  a culture of moderated consumption.   All good stuff if you care about your health.

Here in Ontario, we have some political activity over the perception of responsibility.   Check out the video above, or in case you hadn’t heard these radio PSA’s, click here:



These radio PSA’s come from OPSEU, or the union that represents LCBO employees. They have a wealth of concerns over the future selling of beer in grocery stores.  In this case, responsibility is their angle of approach to inform us that expanding points of availability will lead to more youth drinking, impaired driving and other problems.

The problem is even more fundamental, unfortunately.  Research tells us that if there are more outlets, and expanded hours, consumption goes up…period.   This includes us responsible adults and moderate drinkers who have the occasional glass (half bottle?) of wine or beer (six pack?) on the weekends.   We would casually drink more because it’s simply more available.  How irresponsible…!

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

One thought on “Who’s Responsibly Responsible?”

  1. Drinking and driving is legal. People can have 3-4 drinks, wait a while, then drive. What a bunch of hypocrites the state is, who then turns around with zero tolerance laws.
    Obviously the first step is not allow any alcohol to someone who is driving.

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