Is Booze the Main Event?


Sometimes we draw odd lines.  For example, a recent survey reported on by the CBC seems to suggest that we are okay with alcohol being served at public events.  Or folks from Halifax are.  And I’ll make a leap here to imply that this study might somewhat reflect our larger attitudes as Canadians – as the study was pretty rigorous and scientific.

Some events close to home:  RibFest, Lawn Chair Luminata, or  Promenade Days in Barrie. Or in Orillia, there is Movies in the Park, the Mariposa Downtown Stage and the Scottish Festival. Some of these include alcohol, and some don’t – a mix, to get you thinking.

In Simcoe and Muskoka, we have events in high season, as we milk summer to maximize tourism and festival-like feelings.   Can we be blamed for our frivolity, and the desire for a beverage or two?  As in all such things, it’s about moderation.

The same survey from Halifax discovered that 80% of respondents thought it permissible for their municipality to partner with an alcohol company to facilitate an event.   On the other side, there was a majority who didn’t want their municipality to allow alcohol advertising on public or municipally-owned space, such as park benches, or inside arenas.

So, it appears we don’t mind booze being available at these events (in fact, many times, we expect it).  And we are okay with the alcohol companies with their sponsorship money, their banners and tents, their swag and giant inflatable beers, etc etc…as long as they are temporary and when the party is over, they take it all away.

[Blink. Pause. Blink.]

Now, other research has proven that alcohol advertising has bad effects, raising consumption among youth (especially), as it plays a big role in normalizing booze and making it part of our culture.   This summer, this advertising is temporarily everywhere.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

One thought on “Is Booze the Main Event?”

  1. The main event is the parents who abuse their kids their whole lives. Then they are surprised when they turn out just like them.

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