Costs of Harmful Drinking? Discuss!

Sometimes a video comes along that captures everything you’re trying to accomplish.

You’ll see how we hope to get healthier, reduce injury and save lives in regards to alcohol.  It’s easy to say and hard to do.  Governments can’t implement big changes to policy overnight, nor would people adhere to, or accept such changes in one fell swoop – social evolution is a slow process.

Part of this evolution is readiness.  Are we ready for massive changes to the alcohol world, akin to what happened to tobacco, starting say, 25 years ago?  We all know the world has changed in regards to smoking.  But we love booze, don’t we?  It’s deeply ingrained in our culture and our social lives.  Heck, it’s deeply ingrained in our refrigerators.

What happens when we start to know better?   When we know we should cut back for all those good reasons…?

Experience tells us – not much.  We’ve learned from action on topics such as impaired driving that we need policies and legislation and enforcement and personal choices working together to make a difference.  A newer example would be the Making Healthier Choices Act, just passed by the provincial government.   This new law will eliminate flavored tobacco products, clamp down on e-cigarettes, and make nutritional information mandatory on take-out food and alcohol !

Will it solve our health problems?  Not by itself, no.  But it is a significant part of our social evolution – part of a larger whole that includes us making better choices.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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