#R2BT Challenge Complete! Looking forward to quenching a thirst…..


In the last few weeks Ready to be Thirsty has had a wealth of media coverage, many personal insights, a growing web of social media exposure, and well… lots of learning.


We’ve heard from people who found the challenge difficult, those who found it a breeze, and from those somewhere in between.  From their observations, we experienced the joys of mondo mocktails and Mo’ Mondays, raucous rock climbing and tales of tantalizing temptation.

Maybe you were a big part of the challenge and tweeted or posted your thoughts and feelings.  Maybe you did the challenge in secret.  Perhaps you felt hesitant, and, not quite sure what to do with your ambivalence, you never quite took the challenge – but you were still somehow conscious of what you drank.  Possibly, you didn’t even know about the challenge until now.

This much is true – we learned something.  We absorbed that alcohol is a deeply personal decision that confronts many of us.  We mulled over how we encounter social situations where alcohol is not only available, but encouraged.   And, perhaps we learned what alcohol means to us, whether as a reward, a habit, or a tool to get into another head space.

Whatever alcohol means, from a quiet indulgence to a means of escape, perhaps you’ll carry forward whatever lessons you picked up – either from doing the challenge, discussing it or simply just hearing about what it meant.    From all of us here at Thirst, we extend our thanks for your time and energy.

Lastly, like you might have figured, we’ll be doing this again next February, bigger, better and bolder.

Until then, stay a little thirsty.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

One thought on “#R2BT Challenge Complete! Looking forward to quenching a thirst…..”

  1. Great posts, interesting insights, it’s all good to experience. Personally I haven’t been able to take a sip for months because of an unexpected liver disease. I do miss the social part of sipping a deep red wine with friends, but cherry juice nearly fills the gap… And I never get a hangover! I do really love the fit healthy side of no alcohol, and it sure cuts down winter weight gain. Congrats to all who took up the challenge 🙂

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