You’ll Like Me Better When I’m Drunk #R2BT

secrets when drunk


I think of myself as a decent person. Yes, occasionally selfish, slightly sarcastic and often too realistic for my own good, but generally decent and compatible with others.


Once, when I was out with friends and had a drink or two, someone said “I think I like you better after a drink.”  Surprised, I asked them what they meant. (Me, better after a drink?).  Now, I am open to insights about myself from others, so I asked again, “how am I better after a drink?”

The response: “Well, you are not so uptight, professional, rationale, logical, stoic.  You are more likely to offer your true opinion, laugh out loud, share inappropriate ideas, crazy thoughts and, well, more fun to hang out with.”  Shocked, but not offended (ok, slightly offended) I took a step back and realized what alcohol does for me.

It allows me the comfort of less rigidity, less internal rules and permission to be more relaxed and talkative. I can actually become down right chatty on any subject, probably mostly about myself. (again, because I am such a wonderful, decent person).

If alcohol lets out that authentic self – the one that friends find humorous, honest and easy to be with – where is that person hiding?  How do we let them out without alcohol?

Or is that the wrong question?

Do I need to change who I am to suit my friend’s tipsy view of who I should be?

I am thinking there is an in-between.  #R2BT  Thirsting for some introspection….

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