#R2BT Thirsty Crew – Hannah Lin

Hannah LinHannah Lin is the Executive Director of YWCA Muskoka and has over 30 years’ experience working in non-profit organizations focusing on youth, arts education, culture and heritage. Along these same lines, Hannah is a recent winner of the Jessie Dunn Award. Hannah is passionate about building opportunities, community partnerships, and developing programs that help women and youth overcome challenges and realize their potential.

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Why did you join the Ready to be Thirsty challenge?
Every year I make the same New Year’s resolution that this is the year I’m going to exercise more and treat my body better. When I think of socializing, or am unwinding from stressful day, I often equate that with good food and red wine. This challenge seems like a good way to increase my awareness about how much I drink, and how I feel when I don’t.

Tell us your thoughts/feelings on how the challenge will go
I’m a little nervous about how many times I’m going to have to tell someone no when they offer me a glass of something…. But now I can tell people that I’m taking the Thirsty Challenge and encourage them to do it too!

Are there any events or occasions in February where you might be especially tempted? National YWCA Executive Directors meetings February 9 & 10; numerous Winter Carnival events around Muskoka, visiting my family for Chinese New Year from February 17 to February 20th! Valentines Day, that special dinner…

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