#R2BT Thirsty Crew – Cody Oschefski


Cody Oschefski is a Councilor for the Town of Midland, and a force for change, growth and newness in the Heart of Georgian Bay. Of his own accord, he created the SMDHU Ready to be Thirsty Campaign Facebook page – an important online destination for participants in the challenge. He lives and works in the Midland-area. 

@TheCodyO     Fb: Cody Oschefski

 1. Why did you accept the Ready to be Thirsty challenge? 

I accepted the Ready to be Thirsty Challenge because I think it is a great awareness campaign and a challenge for people who don’t realize how much alcohol has a role in their social lives and for some people, their health. I am excited to get thirsty for a good cause. 

2. Tell us your thoughts/feelings on how the challenge will go 

I think the challenge will be great for me. I tend to associate alcohol, beer for me, with certain things that I do on a regular basis. Things like Toronto Maple Leaf Games, going dancing, karaoke, and bowling are things that I hope to do in February but without a drop of alcohol. I hope to Vlog some of the experience for other people to see, maybe others will too? 

3. Are there any events or occasions in February where you might be especially tempted? Why? 

To be honest, this may be the first Superbowl that I have watched without having a beer or 2 since being legal drinking age. We are calling it the Soberbowl this year, still doing the chili and yelling at the tv, just no beer. The Toronto Maple Leafs can have a tendency to make you want to drink as well. Going in to February we are 3 wins in 17 games, I may have to take a month off of Leaf games as well.

Author: SMDHU

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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