First Challenge of #R2BT – The Big Game, the Sober Bowl.

1280px-Super_Bowl_XLIII_-_Thunderbirds_Flyover_-_Feb_1_2009According to some online statistics, Americans and other persons in various countries will drink 325 million gallons of beer on SuperBowl Sunday. That’s the equivalent of over a gallon per person in the United States, including the children. Now, many, many countries will share in that drinking, including ours.

No exception to the trend, I will be attending a party on February 1st, at a friend’s place. The host is an exceptional cook. Pulled pork. BBQ Chicken. Chili. Dips and chips and racks of snacks. A cornucopia of fantastic foodstuffs, a feast.

And yes, beer. Scotch maybe. Whiskey, too.

Yes, all us football freaks go nuts on this day of indulgence, and most party-goers will be into the hard stuff. Including me, I figure. What a daunting task, to stay booze free, as part of Ready to Be Thirsty – the very first day of the challenge. Can I do it? Am I willing? Do I feel it will be impossible to refrain?

Stay tuned.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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