#R2BT Thirsty Crew – Tony Grace

Tony Grace

Tony Grace is the anchor and co-producer of CTV News at 6. He’s been living in Barrie since 2010. Tony has quickly become one of the region’s biggest ambassadors, hosting dozens of benefit and charity gala fundraisers each year. Tony is thrilled to be publicly supporting and participating in the “Ready to be Thirsty” Challenge.

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1. Why did you accept the Ready to be Thirsty Challenge?
I accepted the challenge because back when I was in my early and mid 20’s, like many young people, drinking was a problem in my life. I witnessed first-hand the dangers that binge drinking can lead to. I made a decision to become a responsible social drinker…and eventually learned and appreciated how rewarding it could be to make more responsible decisions. We shouldn’t vilify drinking…but we should certainly underscore that it’s all about decisions. Responsible drinking is a decision nobody will ever regret.

2. Tell us your thoughts/feelings about how you think the challenge will go.
I think the challenge is a huge opportunity to change the dialogue about drinking, and to promote better decisions. We have to work together to make sure that binge drinking is no longer “glorified”, and we can do that by being positive role models. I will personally commit to abstaining from alcohol for the entire month, and will be happy to encourage others to do the same and to join us in the challenge.

3. Are there any events or occasions in February where you might be especially tempted?
My partner’s birthday is in February, and I have a major family gathering planned during the month as well which will involve a large dinner, and plenty of opportunities for a social drink. I will be mustering up my willpower to resist having a glass of wine at these social events…but I’ll be better off for it.


Join the Thirsty Crew in their Ready to be Thirsty Challenge #R2BT

One thought on “#R2BT Thirsty Crew – Tony Grace”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement , for young people.
    I am a Senior, sober since 1981. No problem, the twelve steps work, Tony.
    I myself until lately , have been an avid supporter and worker, helping women off the terrible effects of alcohol. It is all the same , wine, beer, whiskey etc. !
    Continue the good work and thoughts for a positive future. May God Bless you.
    I never miss the Barrie News. Thanks again.
    Helen Jarvi

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