Confessions of a Worried and Thirsty Mind #R2BT

upset-534103_1280In talking to a friend who just agreed to take on the Ready to Be Thirsty challenge, it became clear that there was anxiety, just under a veneer of courage. More human a moment there has never been.

Anxiety in regard to change is natural, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Maybe you’ll see yourself in her thoughts:

“I love red wine. I drink most days, yet I never get drunk, never call in sick to work – it does not interfere with my life…so how come I am so hesitant…reluctant…uncertain about signing up for this challenge??”

“I know I drink more than I should [if I was concerned about my health]. I have read about the chronic illnesses that are associated with alcohol, and my family has a history of cancer and high blood pressure. I know it would be wise to cut back.”

“So what am I afraid of? -That I may find out I am ‘dependent’ on alcohol? That I can’t go a few days without a glass of wine? That I will lose my current way of decompressing (that works!)…?”

I would argue that in many ways, these thoughts are all our thoughts. But these kinds of worries are exactly why we should try to look closer, and take the challenge.

Be kind to yourself – we are learning together. #R2BT

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