#R2BT Thirsty Crew: Mariane McLeod

Mariane McLeodMariane is the morning show co-host and News Director at 97.7 The Beach radio, which is heard across Southern Georgian Bay. Mariane hosts a talk show, Georgian Bay 2 Day, each weekday morning at 9am. She will be talking about how thirsty she is on the talk show and also writing about her Thirsty month at her blog, www.mcleodsmusingswithmarianemcleod.blogspot.ca/

Check out her interview about the #R2BT challenge on The Beach 97.7!

1. Why did you accept the Ready to be Thirsty Challenge?
I have been on a path toward better health for a few years now and this seems like a next logical step. In 2011, I took up running. In the years since, I’ve run four 10K races and a 5k while dropping 20 pounds with increased energy levels and strength. I home-cook most of my meals and prepare most of my own lunches, being careful with salt and sugar and calories, and try to be a vegetarian on Mondays. I was intrigued a few months ago when one of my friends put out a call for a Sober September, but I didn’t get on board. When the Health Unit sent out the call recently, it seemed like the universe might be speaking to me, and I thought, “Let’s see if I can actually do this.”
2. Tell us your thoughts/feelings on how you think the challenge will go for you?
On the health journey I’ve been on in the last few years, I have discovered how satisfying I find it to know that I am in control of my choices. I learned that I really can put down the chips and put on the kettle, and I’ll happier for it. That said, I do like to party and have fun with my friends and that usually includes beer or wine or vodka. I really like a glass of good red wine with my dinner and I’m a huge fan of a cocktail on a Saturday afternoon, but I sometimes wonder whether
I’m in charge of the alcohol. I’d like to find out. I once read that the way to be in control of one’s life is to abstain “one day a week, one week a month and one month a year”, and I’m intrigued by that concept.
3. Are there any events or occasions in February where you might be especially tempted?
The thing is, I play four days a week at the Curling Club of Collingwood. Curling is a very social sport. Drinking is built into the culture of the game, as the winner of the game is expected to buy a drink for the loser, after which the loser is expected to reciprocate. So, there’s that. Also, who doesn’t want a glass of red wine with their Valentine’s dinner? My sweetheart is very supportive of anything I choose to tackle, but I expect it will be tough on both of us if we can’t ‘clink’ our glasses on a special occasion.

If you are looking for more information about the #R2BT Ready to Be Thirsty Challenge visit Take the Challenge, or Twitter #R2BT.

Author: SMDHU

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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