Being Thirsty

I don't have a drinking problemThere’s a lot to be said about being Thirsty.

In addition to our How Many Drinks blog (this page, right here) we would like to introduce you to Thirst.

Thirst is a comprehensive web and social media entity built to explore the big reality of alcohol in our lives.

We invite you to check it out at: and/or to follow us on Twitter: @SMhowmanydrinks   Feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas and feelings on any alcohol-related issue, from your own life experience or something you’ve read.

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The reasons for checking out Thirst are many:

  • Booze appears on television, radio, print and social media. It is advertised in bus stops, above urinals, on billboards or posters where we work and play
  • Alcohol producers promote and advertise their products at BIG cultural events such as sports and concerts
  •  Alcohol is a typical part of weddings, reunions, backyard gatherings, outdoor adventures, holidays, parties, business and social events
  • Our towns are filled with pubs, bars, licensed restaurants, liquor stores, wine outlets, and after-hours clubs. Grocery stores have wine kiosks. Convenience stores and gas stations in small towns are becoming outlets for Beer Stores and the LCBO
  • To young people, alcohol is often considered a right of passage and adult-type excitement that they seek to experience
  • Booze is big business. Everyone wants a piece of the revenue or tax dollars that alcohol provides

Alcohol is everywhere, as an integral part of business and culture. But this doesn’t mean we’ve got it right, or there isn’t room for change.

Thirst doesn’t preach abstinence or prohibition – instead, we’re hoping to raise awareness and get people thinking about alcohol, and its role in our lives and our culture. Take a look.

Thirst snip

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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