Here Comes Summer.

summercalvin&hobbessnipA few weekends ago was the solstice, which means the official beginning of summertime, and also, pool, patio, boating, vacation, camping, canoe, wedding and barbeque seasons.

Recently I was having this conversation with my partner, debating that for people living in warmer climates, is it more likely that they live slower and do less, or do they simply have more fun than we do, because they have a larger number of warmer weekends?

Looking at my own calendar, my next six weekends are full of social events, as I endeavor to cram a life into the three decent months we have in this country. If I lived in say, California, would I have essentially the same number of social events – BBQ’s, reunions, weddings, camping trips, spread over a longer time, or would I have even more of the same, extending back into March and forward to November?

Hard to say. But for sure, if it’s the second option, I would have a lot of opportunities to drink. Maybe you don’t need an excuse to drink, I don’t know. But when these kinds of summer events happen, the booze generally starts to flow.

Hot weather and cold beer, dancing and drinking, vacations and vino – these are all common partners. And yes, we work hard to jam fun into summer and booze is commonly a part of it.

Does it have to be? If it does, do we have to go so hard?

Can we have fun at these types of events – can we have fun this summer – with a limit on the whiskey?

You tell us.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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