College Balancing Act

College drinkingThrough the media, college and university have become associated with alcohol and partying. As a student, I have seen why this is so, with the sometimes wild social atmosphere of college life.

Behavior can be influenced by social pressure and opportunity. In the occasional visit to the campus pub, I’ve seen students drinking before and after class and even during class breaks.
I speculate that some drink because they have had little chance to do so prior to attending college. I think there are others who just want to fit in, some who like to party, and perhaps some using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Although I do not drink often, here and there I have used alcohol to relax, and forget my studies for a while. Though I am trying hard to balance my recreation and my schooling, I realize that we all need to develop effective and safe coping mechanisms not just for school, but for life. With alcohol so available and accepted, it’s a tricky balancing act.

One thought on “College Balancing Act”

  1. Knowledge is your power over consuming too much. I highly recommend the book: Controlling Your Drinking, Tools to Make Moderation Work for You. by William R. Miller, PhD, and Ricardo F. Munoz, PhD. In their book you can learn about blood alcohol levels in relation to your personal circumstances such as age, body composition, and gender. Understanding ‘how’ to drink in moderation, within your personal limit can go a long way in keeping you from the dark side of alcohol consumption.

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