Life isn’t easy being a student.

Alcohol and academic performanceLife isn’t easy being a student. Though sometimes people think so, it isn’t all about drinking and partying. In fact, getting completely wasted isn’t nearly as cool as it used to seem. As we get older, our reality changes, and the prospect of being drunk is made less desirable by the responsibilities of adulthood.
Throughout high school, a meaningful chunk of our social lives was about going to parties and drinking, as it was seen as something new and cool. Later, in college and university, the scene became focused on bars and the clubs, drinking games and heavy consumption.

I am now in my fourth year of university, and I can see a huge difference in regards to our alcohol culture. In our first year, when we had a long weekend or a class got cancelled, some of my colleagues were immediately thinking “time to party”. Sometimes, I did too.

Now in fourth year, instead of going out we use this extra time to go to bed early, hopefully recouping strength enough to battle the rest of our assignments. Perhaps it’s the fact that we are so close to being done and entering the real world that it is time to take responsibility for our actions and make something of ourselves.

Alcohol was once a way to help ease our stress with school, but now we’ve learned there are better ways to help manage stress such as exercise, listening to music, taking a break or sharing a laugh with friends. The increased risk factors associated with binge drinking are not worth it, for a few nights of fun. Now I wonder: once we’re done with school, does the cycle restart, as we as adults use alcohol to offset stress in the workplace?

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