Deflate the Elephant


hero-video-promoThis is the LCBO’s   campaign, or slogan, to address drinking and driving.

Check out their website at

Essentially, the idea is that folks are often leery of creating an awkward moment, when the decision on how to get home is being made, perhaps after a few drinks. This creates an ‘elephant’, or socially difficult situation, that oft-times lends passive permission to a poor decision.

The website is interesting: they offer a number of features – a discussion forum, mocktail recipes, some interesting videos and a chance to win a car. Of course, in the tradition of trying to be socially relevant these days, they also have a Facebook page.

Here, you’ll discover public commentary on Impaired Driving and holiday consumption. And you can ‘Like’ the page to get entered in the contest. I think more importantly, you can chime in, and say a few words on the responsible and self-limiting choices you might make this holiday season. Most importantly, you might convey your willingness to work past that awkward moment, for yourself, your family and your friends, to keep everyone safe this holiday season.

Author: SMDHU

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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