Sarcasm and Summer Party Punch

During the summer just about everywhere you go there is some reference to, advertisements for, or consumption of alcohol.

I have heard individuals confess that during the months of July and August they consume Layout 1more alcohol than the rest of the year combined. The reason for this is because of vacation, relaxation, friends socializing and enjoying time at the cottage.

I myself don’t understand the allure, since I don’t enjoy the taste of most alcoholic drinks, nor do I like the feeling after I drink 1 or 2 and I really don’t like it when I witness foolish or irresponsible behaviour. I do however enjoy the relaxation of vacation, socializing with family and friends, going to a cottage or having summer parties.

I love the saying “A drink is a drink……and company is the pleasure” taken from a Nova Scotia media campaign called Changing the Culture.


This poster depicts its point – Drinking in moderation is always in good taste

Éduc’alcool is an independent, not-for-profit organization in Quebec. Its members are parapublic institutions, alcoholic beverage industry associations and individuals from various milieus (public health, education, journalism), who implement prevention, education and information programs designed to help young people and adults make enlightened, responsible decisions about drinking and the circumstances in which they drink. Éduc’alcool’s commitment is accurately reflected in its slogan: Moderation is always in good taste

Author: Sarah R.N.

Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse in the Injury and Substance Misuse Prevention Program at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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