May 2-4

MH900182625[1]Just hearing those words brings back many memories – of camping and late nights, of all night parties and ragged morning bodies, wishing the weekend would never end or that it had never started.

One memory that sticks in my mind is taking a group of teenagers camping on Crown land. The adults envisioned a pleasant bonding time with some warm spring air, fun outdoor adventure and definitely no alcohol or other numbing substances. And the weekend started out that way.

We arrived early, got our site on a cliff overlooking the water and enjoyed the sunshine. By dusk we thought we had it made. Then the dinghy’s started arriving – that is, other happy campers in their canoes pulling dinghy’s full of beer and nothing more. Canoes, kayaks, and row boats, gliding across the darkening dusk-reflected lake, all seeming to contain stacks of beer and most paddlers with a drink in hand. As night settled the call of “May 2-4” rang across the lake, along with the splashes of bodies into the cold water – followed by a few bellows from shivering souls!

The goal of the weekend was to have fun with a group and to show teenagers that fun doesn’t need alcohol. It never did occur that what would actually happen would be so contrary to the goal (showing that self-reflection was not generally practiced for the young adult leaders of our group!)

The remainder of the weekend proceeded like the first night – with the lounging and hungover campers visible on each clump of rocks. We did our best to celebrate with them, being as loud and boisterous as possible, as early as possible! Nothing like the call of May 2-4 at six on a Saturday morning!

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