Checking the ID

Drivers-Licence-with-19-Age-of-Majority-emphasized[1]New driver’s licenses in Ontario have an added feature. They identify when a young person turns 19, or is of the legal age to buy alcohol.

As you can see on the bottom of the card, it makes it easy for an LCBO or Beer Store employee to see clearly when a person would be old enough to buy booze or enter a bar or nightclub?.

Though this takes the math out of checking ID, it does not solve related problems within our alcohol culture. Often teens use the ID of someone who looks a little like them, or they have an older friend or relative purchase their alcohol. Other times family members, even parents, supply the alcohol or it is taken from the home without their knowledge.

This speaks to the acceptance that surrounds alcohol consumption, even by minors.

Adding the date when a person turns 19 to licenses doesn’t hurt, but many times the problem with teen drinking starts at home.

Author: Diane RN

I'm a Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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