Holiday weight gain? It must be the cookies!

Christmas, according to the song, is the most wonderful time of the year. And when friends and family are visiting, offering a beverage of some kind is tradition. A bottle of wine is a typical hostess gift, especially when you don’t know what else to grab or what they might like.

When it comes to gaining weight over the holidays, I always thought it was the extra cookie or helping of sweet potato to blame (though I am certain they don’t help). But I’m starting to think it might actually be the extra alcohol and mixes that make my pants feel tight at the end of the season.

2 glasses of red wine = ~140 calories (or more, if your glass is filled quite generously!)
1 standard beer = ~148 calories (but who has just one?)
1 Rum and Coke = ~240 calories (and that’s with 1.5 oz. rum, not the homemade version!)
1 Pina Colada (or anything with a creamy base like eggnog) = don’t ask  (300-500+ calories, that’s why they’re  so tasty.)

Now, I am well aware of the low risk drinking guidelines for women: no more than 10 drinks per week or 2 drinks per day, except on special occasions (admit it, not every night is a special occasion).  But upping your intake from the occasional alcoholic drink to the maximum under the guidelines, just with wine, is an increase in 1200 calories a week, all easy sugar.

So ladies, what can we do this wonderful time of the year?  Try spacing those alcoholic bevy’s with water, and go for more calorie conscious drinks, like sparkling spritzers (a white wine and club soda spritzer is ~60 calories, but that doesn’t mean you should have more of them!). And of course, try to keep away from the cookies. Happy Holidays!

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