The Allure of the Bond Girl

Bond girls are not hard to look at.  They are tall, exotic, beautiful women in amazing settings and backdrops, all around the world.  Furthermore, they are often dangerous and adventurous, incredibly educated or skilled in such things fencing, archery, rocket science or bio-physics.

And yet somehow, they are in need of a rescue.   In the latest Bond film, Skyfall, there is no exception to this formula.  The femme fatale of the film is gorgeous and intelligent, but is being held hostage as the consort of a villain.   

Within Skyfall and other films, Bond often meets these women in a bar, restaurant, casino or other place where he can get served a drink.  In 007 culture and lore, alcohol is a big part of the early seductive interplay between Bond and his women.  They drink, they smoke, they engage in a clever and seductive repartee.  They gamble millions of dollars.

This is the whole ‘shaken not stirred’ lore that extends Bond’s allure.   James is attractive to women as a man who is portrayed by handsome and strong male actors, such as Daniel Craig and Sean Connery.  But looks are not enough.   Rather, James Bond’s male mystique is compounded and supported by his use of alcohol and tobacco, and to no less extent, his gambling prowess. 

Then, this mystique transcends the original medium and permeates our culture.  A good example of the ‘Bond effect’ entering the mainstream would be the Vesper martini.

This drink exists and was made popular by the film Casino Royale.  Interesting how a film can make changes to the popular psyche, in both how and what we drink, and how we define ‘cool’.

Author: Doug Ironside RN

Doug is a Registered Nurse (PHN) with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

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