No Magic Goat

I recently saw this really interesting website for youth that came out of Nova Scotia.  It very cleverly shows all the upside imagery to alcohol but then goes on to show the reality of overindulgence. Rather than explaining it, I ask you to check it out for yourself

I think in many ways it can pertain to all of us, not just youth. While binge drinking is generally associated with the young, and we usually think of youth being most affected by advertising and other forms of messaging, doesn’t marketing and the culture we live in affect all of us? 

Drinking is associated with being fun, sexy, funny, popular, athletic, glamorous or virtually anything you want to be.  There is an ad for every personality type, even the couch potatoes and armchair quarterbacks!  No matter who or what you are, the alcohol companies tell you that you can be who or what you want to be, just crack open an alcoholic beverage and pour. 

Consequence free living – wouldn’t that be great.  Where is that magic goat when you need it?  Its great to enjoy a beer on the pier or at the backyard BBQ with friends.  Just don’t expect a goat to come to the rescue.  Be your own goat!  Even an old goat can learn a lesson or two!

Author: Claudia R.N.

Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse SMDHU

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