Ladies Night

After a week of work, kids and endless chores, Ladies Night seems a perfect remedy.  It could be once a week, once a month or once a year.  Phone a few girlfriends, pick a place and get ready.   The night starts with a few beverages, some small talk, an interesting revelation or two … and then the dancing begins. 

Dancing the night away seems like a great remedy to stress and irritation.  The best part is that it’s exercising without even noticing.  The drinks could loosen up  inhibitions and bring our insides out, sometimes physically as well as figuratively – try to keep strapped in!  No harm done, we’re just there for the dancing, aren’t we? 

Honestly, we are often there merely to dance and escape from the real world for a while … so then, why the alcohol?   Well, a few Cosmopolitans might bring a sense of freedom, numbness or liberation that allows many of us to flaunt our stuff.  What’s the big deal?  Well, sometimes you get more than you bargained for…

Some nights of ‘just going out dancing’ end in unplanned sex (desired or not), pregnancy or a troublesome infection – can you say ‘chlamydia’?  Research shows just the thought of being more relaxed and sexually uninhibited with a few drinks is enough to change behaviour and can lead to unprotected sexual encounters.

Ladies night is an evening to hang out with good friends and let loose, but it might help to space out the drinks, pack protection, and decide on limits ahead of time.

by Kim Derdall RN

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