What’s the real message in “drink responsibly”?

The alcohol industry has an interesting “social responsibility” campaign called Drink Responsibly. But what does “responsibly” mean when it comes to drinking alcohol? I wonder just what they are really trying to sell us.

Sure, the idea of drinking responsibly sounds good, but what is the real message? First, the message is telling you to drink, even though not drinking is a responsible choice.  Second, trying to find the message in an alcohol ad is like trying to find Waldo.  And third, the message can be branded right into the ads.

From what I can see, the ads are selling everything many people may want and more.  Drinking certain brands can make you fun, sexy, social, glamorous, or successful.  Some brands will even make you skinny. Who knew? Everything you want to be, all in a bottle, and all you need to do is drink it…responsibly of course. 

Sounds like a great solution to all of life’s problems! Responsible advertising or gimmick? Tell us what you think.

Author: Claudia R.N.

Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse SMDHU

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