Bring on Summer!

So, as I was driving on Highway 11 from Bracebridge to Gravenhurst, I was thinking how this long weekend was going to be a beauty! Sunny and hot, hot, hot! Great weather to get outside and do anything fairweather friendly.

As I was driving south, I couldn’t help but notice the larger volume of vehicles driving north. Vehicles packed tight and loaded down: pulling boats and ATVs, canoes on roofs, bikes on racks at the back ….people all looking for fun in the sun and on the water.

I wanted to send out my positive mental waves to all of those cars and trucks full of families and friends with one clear message. Enjoy all that Simcoe Muskoka has to offer but make good decisions and keep safe. If you choose to drink alcohol, follow the low risk drinking guidelines and never combine it with driving or any activity on the water.

We want to see you up here again in beautiful cottage country so make good decisions this holiday weekend and support your family and friends to do the same. Enjoy!

Author: Diane RN

I'm a Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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