Teen drinking … what’s a parent to do?

When it comes to drinking by their underage teenagers, my friends are really not sure what to do or how to react. Some let their kids hang out in the basement with a few friends … and even supply the booze. Their logic is that they would rather have them at home drinking than out somewhere else and drinking. 

My other friends don’t allow their teens to drink, for lots of good reasons, and sometimes brag that their kids don’t drink or do drugs. What they don’t get is that their kids are going to my other friends’ homes and hanging out there!

And now we have a Canadian low risk drinking guideline that says “Teens should speak with their parents about drinking.  If they choose to drink, they should do so under parental guidance”. Yikes! What’s a parent to do? Well, the above suggestion is a good one. Kids need the support and guidance of their parents, so talking about alcohol is a great way to get started so that they have the tools to make responsible decisions.

by Adele Payne RN

2 thoughts on “Teen drinking … what’s a parent to do?”

  1. Good point, I couldn’t agree more! The sooner parents start the conversation with their children about delaying drinking until late teens and drinking in moderation the better.

  2. For parents who find their teens experimenting with drinking, it’s important to nip the habit in the bud while it’s still early. Someday they will make a decision on whether or not they want to drink, but while they are still young, it’s the parents’ responsibility to set limits and teach their teens about self-regulation.

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