Report Calls for Action to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harm

The health unit recently released Focus on HealthSTATS: Alcohol-Related Harm in Simcoe Muskoka, a detailed report with a specific focus on the relationship between alcohol and health, in addition to the association of alcohol to injuries and other harm. Drinking, even in low to moderate amounts, is linked to a number of chronic health problems, including cancers of the breast, colon, rectum, liver, esophagus, head and neck, cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and strokes, liver disease, inflammation of the pancreas and alcohol dependence and with injury.

In Simcoe Muskoka, more than a quarter of residents over 19 drink above the Canadian Low Risk Drinking Guidelines (LRDG), which is significantly higher than the Ontario rate. Twenty per cent of local current drinkers report heavy drinking, which is also higher than the Ontario rate. Simcoe Muskoka youth are also higher than the province in alcohol use, binge drinking, drunkenness and drinking and driving.

 Also highlighted in the report and while alcohol as a way to raise revenues surfaces regularly, we need to remember that in Ontario the costs of alcohol-related harm are more than $450 million higher than the revenue collected from alcohol sales.” 

To view the full Focus report is go to

Author: Janice R.N.

I am a Registered Nurse at Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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