How many LCBO’s are enough?

LCBOThe recently released Drummond report certainly stirred up quite the buzz.  I can appreciate that the Ontario government is operating with a huge deficit and that efficiencies and new ways of generating revenue have to be addressed, but does opening up more places to buy alcohol really help us in the long run?

There’s no question the LCBO is a money maker, but there’s a cost to easy money.  I’m not an economist but the research tells us that increasing the availability of alcohol ultimately does increase alcohol-related harms in our community. Do we really want to encourage Ontarians to drink more alcohol? What are the health and social costs associated with this?  Ultimately we all pay for it in the end!

Author: Claudia R.N.

Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse SMDHU

One thought on “How many LCBO’s are enough?”

  1. Thank you for checking in and for your question. This is definitely an excellent question and very difficult to explain in a few sentences however if you open up the links it does provide further details. For instance the link on alcohol availability on page 13 you will find some further information as essentially having more outlets to buy alcohol including LCBO stores, increases alcohol availability and this document will speak further to alcohol availability and its’ impact on increasing alcohol related harms.
    I hope this helps to clarify.

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