Microbreweries, small but mighty

Once upon a time when I was a cub reporter I interviewed a local fellow who was embarking upon a venture to make and sell his own micro brewery beer. In the end his dream didn’t go anywhere, I’m not sure why.  At the time, the market was entirely dominated by the Molsons, Labatts and Keiths and the idea of an independent brewer was quite novel in Ontario.

Not anymore. Although microbreweries may only have less than five per cent of the beer market, they are mighty interesting (and local), creating all kinds of interesting brews. Toronto Life has published a great little story on what some of these folks are inventing these days, using ingredients like mango and ginger. I don’t drink a lot of beer, but when I do, I want to taste something distinct, even if I’m not especially fond of it in the end. And that’s not the beer that makes up 95 per cent of the market, which I think tastes pretty much all the same.

Author: Kathy

I am a media co-ordinator at the health unit.

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