When it comes to calories, all drinks are not created equal

Istock imageMost of us know that calorie counts can vary quite a bit from one drink to the next, which is presumably why we have light beers and white wine spritzers. But the calories in some drinks can vary significantly from, from a low of 50 calories in a spitzer to 350 + in a cooler. In fact, some coolers can contain as much as eight teaspoons of sugar in a single bottle. Earlier this summer the Globe and Mail’s dietitian wrote a column on patio weight gain caused by eating high fat and calorie appetizers with drinks. A more recent column takes a closer look at the actual calories in some of these drinks. Personally, I’m a salt lover,  but if I were to consume 350 calories in sugar, I think I would prefer it be in the form of a great piece of dark Belgium chocolate.

Author: Kathy

I am a media co-ordinator at the health unit.

One thought on “When it comes to calories, all drinks are not created equal”

  1. You know, when you’re trying to achieve a healthy weight, you might not consider the amount of ‘liquid’ calories that you may be consuming. Sure, you’re counting calories in the food you eat but are you also considering the 200 calorie glass of wine or 300 calorie bottle of beer? You might be sabotaging your own weight loss efforts…..

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