Important clue necessary for iPad2 win

Ok folks, we’re into our third quiz and are noticing a disturbing trend that could impact your ability to win an iPad2. One of the rules of the contest is that you actually have to answer the questions correctly. And one question in particular seems to be especially perplexing for entrants. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the answer to the question, “What are the Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines?”  is not “up to 7 standard drinks per week for women and 12 standard drinks per week for men.” This clue should help you answer the question correctly and make sure you are eligible for that snazzy iPad2.

Author: Kathy

I am a media co-ordinator at the health unit.

One thought on “Important clue necessary for iPad2 win”

  1. Everyone should remember that these are the “low-risk drinking guidelines”, not the “no-risk drinking guidelines”. These guidelines are intended to help you reduce your risk for many harms including addiction, disease and injury. They are NOT for health benefit.

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