Follow LRDG and avoid party on the patio weight gain

We wait a long time for a short summer in this country, so when the patios open, it’s no surprise that those outdoor tables fill up fast. There’s just something so relaxing, and well, summery, about sitting on a patio with some friends, some beverages and some snacks. If you’ve been good all winter and don’t want to let your ship shape slide, the Globe and Mail’s dietitian recently offered some great advice. Be careful with those appetizers and snacks. They are often fried and/or heavy on calories and fat. And watch how much you are drinking. Alcohol also has calories and sometimes loosen up your inhibitions, so that you’re not careful with what you eat. Her suggestion for staying slim and trim? Maybe actually have a light dinner rather than those aps, and stick to two drinks.

Author: Kathy

I am a media co-ordinator at the health unit.

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