Protein vodka, yeah right …

This ad for vodka with casein (protein) – I kid you not! – makes me think of the first series of Mad Men, when Don Draper was absolutely in knots trying to come up with a new scheme for marketing cigarettes. Seems cigarette manufacturers were no longer allowed to claim the “health effects” of cigarettes in their marketing (even Reader’s Digest was starting to write about the connection between tobacco and ill health,  a couple of characters on the show noted) but health had been the claim to fame of cigarette manufacturers for so long that finding a new marketing scheme was mind boggling. What’s mind boggling is that anyone could seriously swallow this kind of ridiculous sell. (The Marin Institute, a U.S. alcohol watchdog calls selling booze as some kind of health boost “legally tenuous, morally unsound, and potentially dangerous”.) I don’t know if this product is being sold in Ontario, but if I need a little protein to aid my muscle grow, I’ll stick to a spinach and cheese omlette. Local eggs are easy to find and the spinach is in season. Delicious, no sell needed.

Author: Kathy

I am a media co-ordinator at the health unit.

One thought on “Protein vodka, yeah right …”

  1. I can’t be the only one who is deeply offended by this ad! We’ve all heard that ‘sex sells’ but come on, really- give us some credit. At what point do we say enough! The recent beer ads which involve giving away a person with every can is another example of what lengths makers of alcohol will go to sell their product- you have a say……so say it!

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