Enter the second quiz to win an iPad 2

What would you do if you won an iPad 2? Organize all of your fabulous vacation photos? Show it off to your children and watch them salivate? Swallow your pride and ask little Jimmy how to turn it on? Well you won’t know if you don’t win, and you can’t win unless you enter the howmanydrinks contest! A different quiz is being posted each month from May to August – in fact, the second quiz will be posted this coming Monday – and your name will be entered in the contest for the month(s) that you submit a completed quiz (and your answers are correct). That gives you four chances to win one of two iPad2s if you correctly answer all four quizzes! Check out Doug’s vlog for entry details. And if you are interested in seeing how you made out with the first quiz, check the website for the answers.

Author: Kathy

I am a media co-ordinator at the health unit.

5 thoughts on “Enter the second quiz to win an iPad 2”

  1. A reminder for all.

    Answering each quiz enters you (once) into a draw. There is a seperate quiz each month for a total of four quizzes.

    The first draw for an ipad2 is June 30th. Each quiz in May and June enters you into that draw once – for a maximum of two entries.

    The second draw is August 31st. Each quiz in July and August enters you into the second draw, again, for a maximum of two entries.

    Good luck to all.

  2. I am not clear on contests rules: do we have to complete all 4 quizzes correctly to be included in the draw?

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