Drinking in Parks-Good idea?

The McGuinty Government is moving towards loosening regulations around the Liquor License Act allowing people to wander about at festivals with their alcoholic beverage. The changes are said to be “modernizing” liquor laws in Ontario. While having a drink when out and about at a festival may seem enjoyable, I do have to ask myself what impact this will have on underage youth accessing alcohol by somebody of legal drinking age purchasing it for them, or for that matter even bringing it into the festival themselves. Having people walking around freely with alcohol at a festival cuts down the ability of servers to monitor who is drinking or how many drinks get served which can overall increase alcohol related harms. Is increasing access to alcohol in Ontario “modern” or just plain hazardous?

Author: Claudia R.N.

Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse SMDHU

One thought on “Drinking in Parks-Good idea?”

  1. I heard on the CBC that the Ontario attorney general, Chris Bentley was quoted as saying there was ‘overwhelming public support’ for this initiative. How does a government official know about and measure public support? How does the office of the attorney general gather and analyze this information?

    In other words, how does Mr. Bentley reach this conclusion? Not to imply that his facts are flawed – more that transparency in regards to the origins of this information would be helpful and insightful.

    Whether as a Health professional or as an informed citizen, it’s tough to be objective about these things when you haven’t access to the information that prompts a government to make a decision.

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