Tangled – What do parents think?

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Have you sat down and watched the new Disney movie Tangled with your child?  I have and thought it was a great movie. They did an excellent job and I was very entertained.  I was talking to a friend of mine who also has “Tangled” aged children and she made a comment about the closing scene… I had thought about alcohol as a potential reason why Eugene may not have remembered very much from their celebration week, but also thought about exhaustion, focus on his new love etcetera… what do you think?  Is alcohol your first thought?

Author: Sarah R.N.

Registered Nurse working as a Public Health Nurse in the Injury and Substance Misuse Prevention Program at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

2 thoughts on “Tangled – What do parents think?”

  1. in Georgia you must be 18 or older to serve or take orders for aocohllic beverages some cities or counties may have laws that make the age limits more restrictive.this is from the Georgia department of labor:Minors may not serve, sell, dispense or take orders for aocohllic beverages.EXCEPTIONS: Locations which sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, such asSupermarketsConvenience stores, etc. A Minor by definition is under the age of 18.

  2. Of course Eugene was talking about the amount of alcohol he consumed! While he is saying that he doesn’t remember the weeklong party, the party is happening on the screen. People are dancing around, a man from the earlier bar scene is plucking away on a piano, etc.
    The theme of alcohol consumption begins earlier on in the “Duckling” pub, where big, burly men are drunk, violent and making rude comments to women.

    My daughter doesn’t understand that the men are drunk, but one of her favorite lines in the movie is when a drunken man, dressed in a diaper (cupid costume) checks out a woman, while leaning against a wall (because he can’t physically stand up on his own), and says, “Someone get me a glass because I’ve found me a tall drink of water.”

    It’s sad to say, but because of this movie many children have now been introduced to alcohol, in a way that makes it cool.

    I love the rest of the movie though!

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