4 thoughts on “What is a standard drink size?”

  1. Hi Doug! Can you please clarify something for me…there’s mention of 18g of alcohol in a standard drink via your vlog, and then 13.6g of alcohol from the ‘low-risk’ section. Is the difference because one is regular and the other low-risk? It’s not clear to me and thought you might have the answer I’m seeking! Thank you Doug! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your question Michelle. Doug will back next week.
      Good eye. You are right, one standard drink = 13.6 grams of alcohol.
      I hope you had a chance to enter our contest to win an iPad 2.

    2. Michelle,

      Great inquiry. Actually you are correct in quoting the Low Risk Drinking Guidelines. The standard drink is 13.6 grams of alcohol (by mass), or roughly 18ml of alcohol (by volume). The vlog has now been rerecorded and corrected, reflecting this difference. Thanks for catching this.


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